Why do dogs chew and damage furniture?

Dogs make wonderful companions and loyal housemates, but they can also be the cause of furniture damage. Let’s consider the key reasons why dogs might chew furniture and methods to address this issue.

dogs chew and damage furniture

Lack of training and inappropriate behavior: Untrained dogs may not realize that chewing furniture is unacceptable. Training and rewarding correct behavior can help the pet find other ways to occupy themselves and satisfy their chewing needs.

Insufficient stimulation and attention: Dogs that feel lonely or lack attention may start chewing furniture to attract their owner’s attention. In such cases, it’s important to provide the pet with an adequate amount of time, care, and play.

Boredom and excess energy: Active dogs require regular physical and mental activity. If a dog is bored or has too much energy, they may start destroying furniture. Regular walks and playtime can help dispel excess energy and prevent destructive behavior.

Teething in puppies: Puppies naturally have a need to chew during teething. Providing them with special chew toys can help satisfy this need and protect furniture from damage.

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