I’m Yobeek. My rescue story.

Hello! I’m Yobeek.


I lived in a gloomy alley in the old city, where the cold wind blew through every crack. I was homeless without a family. Every day was a bloody hard test for me. But the greatest tragedy was the illness that once completely overtook me. I was helpless. My frail body weakened from sickness, lack of food, and harsh conditions. I felt pain and fear, but I always stayed strong in my soul.


And someday, fate took pity on me. Her name is Ann. This kind-hearted girl found me. She couldn’t stand my suffering, got me off the cold streets and brought to the vets. The medical professionals fought for my life. Thanks to their care and collective efforts I recovered. On my  Youtube channel you can see the video about my rescue.

My little heart was filled with gratitude, and a noble purpose unfolded before me. I decided that I would never be poor and helpless again. So I set a goal to get rich at all costs and help other sick and defenseless animals. I began to learn, work and look for opportunities.


Over time, I became a successful entrepreneur and founded the Fund for animal in need. I also created a website at yobeek.com.

I spent days and nights working towards my goals, but I always knew where I come from. Through my determination and perseverance, I managed to succeed. And now I am a powerful advocate for little homeless animals, giving them a new lease on life. This story became a symbol of hope and proof that true wealth is the ability to share your love and assistance with those in need.


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 Love you! 😍😍

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