Tips for Choosing a Cat Scratching Post

Cats are amazing pets that bring joy and positive emotions to the home. To ensure they develop properly and coexist comfortably with their owners, certain accessories are essential. In addition to a litter box, food bowls, and toys, it’s important to get a scratching post, which helps cats keep their claws trimmed.

A scratching post not only prevents damage to furniture and walls but also helps relieve stress and tension in cats. It allows them to mark their territory with pheromones and keeps their muscles and spine toned, much like physical exercise.

a cat scratching a scratching post

How to choose Types of Cat Scratching Posts?

There are many types of scratching posts on the market, each with its advantages. Here are the main types:

1. Scratching Posts
– These are among the most popular models and are floor-standing. They consist of a flat base and a tall post for claw sharpening. The optimal height is about 1 meter. High-quality models are very stable due to their heavy base.

2. Flat Scratching Posts
– These models are placed on the floor, are stable, and easy to move. They take up minimal space and are suitable for both kittens and adult cats. Variants include mats, wave-shaped designs, and models with accessories.

3. Scratching Complexes
– Multifunctional devices that may include shelves, houses, tunnels, and play elements. They provide a place for the cat to play actively and rest.

4. Scratching Houses
– Highly functional structures consisting of multiple levels with closed houses, shelves, and toys. They can be made from carpet, plush, faux fur, and other materials.

Which ones to choose Materials for Cat Scratching Posts?

Scratching posts can be made from various materials:

1. Base can be made from natural wood, chipboard, or cardboard. Wood and chipboard are more durable.

2. Covering often uses sisal fabric, strong rope, various fabrics, fur, or carpet. Sisal and rope are eco-friendly and durable, while carpet is versatile and affordable.

Types of Mounting

Scratching posts differ in their type of mounting:

  1.   Floor-standing – the most popular and convenient. It’s important to consider the size of the cat and the available space.
  2.   Wall-mounted – reliable and stable but require drilling into the wall.
  3.   Universal – can be attached to either the floor or the wall.

What factors are important to consider when choosing a scratching post?

When choosing a scratching post, it’s important to consider several factors:

  1. Stability – especially important for floor-standing models.
  2. Size and Shape – depend on the available space.
  3. Materials – prefer eco-friendly and durable materials.
  4. Age and Activity Level of the Cat – kittens will enjoy play complexes, while adult cats may only need a simple post with a shelf.

a cat holding a nail file


Expert Tips

  • Determine the optimal size and shape of the scratching post.
  • Choose models made from durable and safe materials.
  • For cats that prefer hard surfaces, opt for scratching posts made from sisal rope or natural fiber.
  • For cats that prefer soft surfaces, choose models with carpet or fabric coverings.
  • Play complexes are ideal for kittens, while adult cats often just need a simple scratching post with a comfortable resting area.

Place the scratching post in a convenient location and encourage your cat to use it from the start. Some pets show immediate interest in the new accessory, while others may need to be enticed with toys or catnip.

Now you know how to choose a scratching post for your cat and what criteria to consider when making a purchase.

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