How to Stop Your Dog from Chewing Everything

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Raising and keeping a dog at home is not as simple as it may seem. A friendly pet can show character and cause mischief, often damaging the interior. One of the most common issues is a dog chewing on things, wires, and furniture. This behavior is usually characteristic of puppies who do not yet understand the consequences of their actions.

In this article, we will examine the reasons why a dog starts chewing and destroying things in the house, how to stop this behavior, and the mistakes owners often make in training.

Why Dogs Chew Everything?

Although dogs are loyal and friendly animals, sometimes they may chew on things, causing damage to the home. Let’s try to understand why this happens:

1. Fear of being alone and boredom.
2. Teething.
3. Improper training.
4. Desire to attract the owner’s attention.
5. Hunger (items may smell like food).
6. Imitating other animals in the house.
7. Lack of physical activity.
8. Health problems, deficiency of certain substances, parasites.

How to Stop a Dog from Chewing Things?

First, identify the reason for such behavior and find an effective solution.

Training Commands and Behavior Correction

Training a dog to follow commands should start at an early age. Here are some tips for raising a puppy:

1. Punish the pet for spoiled items only at the moment of the misdeed so the dog understands why it was scolded.
2. Do not hit the animal; instead, use a stern tone without yelling.
3. Spend enough time with your pet so it doesn’t feel neglected.
4. Walk the dog regularly—at least twice a day.
5. Use rewards for following commands, such as favorite treats.

A dog should know the commands “no” and “stop” well. Use a strict tone when saying these words to convey the seriousness of your intentions.

Buying Toys

Toys are essential for puppies and active adult dogs. You can find special chew toys in stores that help puppies teethe without damaging the owner’s belongings. It is important to choose quality, safe products.

More Interaction

Dogs are social animals that need attention and care. Even if you are tired from work, find time to interact with your four-legged friend.

Remove Temptations

Remove items that may attract the dog’s attention from accessible areas. Hide wires in special boxes, and store shoes and other personal belongings in closed cabinets.

Fencing Off an Area

For puppies and small breeds, create a designated space for play and rest using baby gates.

Special Sprays

Use special repellent sprays with unpleasant smells to treat items that attract the dog. Ensure your pet is not allergic to the chosen spray.

Home Remedies

Some owners use bitter-tasting herbal infusions to treat surfaces, but this method is not always effective and can damage furniture or clothing.

 Stop Your Dog from Chewing Everything

How to Train Your Dog to Stay Home Alone

If a dog stays home alone, it can cause stress. Here are some tips:

1. Start by leaving the dog alone for short periods.
2. Provide food, water, and toys.
3. Place the bed near your own to comfort the dog with your scent.
4. Praise and reward the dog for good behavior upon your return.

Some owners leave the TV or radio on to create the illusion of people being at home.

Mistakes in Training

A well-trained dog will not chew on items or damage furniture. Here are common mistakes:

1. Failing to punish for spoiled items.
2. Physical punishment, which causes fear and anger.
3. Allowing the dog to chew old shoes, leading to damage to new ones.

If you cannot solve the problem on your own, seek help from experienced dog trainers who can suggest additional training methods.

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