How to create a cat fort: 8 enjoyable simple methods

Nearly every child has experienced the joy of constructing a fort during their formative years. Regardless of its size or complexity, building a fort is a delightful activity that engages children, unleashes their creativity, and provides a whimsical retreat for a few nights of imaginative play.

If you’re feeling a bit nostalgic and wish to have some fun with your feline friend, consider crafting a fort designed exclusively for their rule. This need not be a costly endeavor, as most forts can be assembled using common household items. Blankets, cardboard, and pillows are fundamental components, depending on the fort style you choose.

Discover a variety of methods to construct a cat fort as we explore the plans below!

Top 8 Ways to Build a Cat Fort:

1. The foundational fort

This initial fort requires no tools—just a collection of pillows, four chairs, and two blankets or sheets. Opt for a thick blanket (or even two) for the base layer, ensuring a cozy surface for your cat to snuggle on.
Arrange the chairs facing outward along the edge of the blanket, encircle them with pillows to create a comfortable enclosure, and then drape a blanket or sheet over the top to form the roof. Stabilize the chairs to prevent any accidental collapses.

2. The single-door fort

For a simple yet effective cat fort, all you need is one cardboard box and a pair of scissors. Most cardboard boxes are plain brown, but for added flair, search for one with colorful designs or pictures.
Turn the cardboard box upside down so the opening is on the floor. Cut a rectangular opening on one side large enough for your cat to pass through. This straightforward fort is sturdy and won’t come crashing down.

3. The playful fort

If your cat is a constant source of amusement, why not construct a fort that reflects their playful personality? Break away from traditional fort images and let your creativity shine. This colorful and recyclable fun fort is easy to make and provides a comfortable retreat.
Find the largest cardboard box available and grab a pair of scissors. Cut a playful entrance hole that accommodates your cat’s size. For added flair, use non-toxic paint or markers to decorate the box.

4. The honeycomb haven

Elevating our creative fort endeavors, the beehive fort introduces a touch of intricacy. Constructed from multiple layers of corrugated cardboard, cut into circular discs with a central hole, this fort resembles a beehive when stacked—largest at the base and smallest at the top. The outcome is a cozy retreat with a side opening for your cat’s easy entry and exit.
What sets this fort apart is its durability, serving both as a cat bed and an engaging hangout spot.

5. The classic charm

Recapture the essence of your fort-building days with the “Original” fort, reminiscent of dinner table chairs and a substantial blanket or sheet. This design accommodates both you and your cat, offering a spacious environment for shared enjoyment.
Position four dining table chairs in an open space, two on each side, spaced according to your desired fort size. Drape a blanket or bedsheet over the chairs, securing it with a weighty book. Leave one side open for accessibility, and enhance the fort’s interior with a blanket and pillows for added comfort.

6. The teepee retreat

While forts typically deter intruders, the Teepee fort exudes such warmth that your cat will willingly step inside. Departing from conventional dark and dull designs, this teepee fort boasts a light and visually appealing aesthetic.
To assemble, gather a sheet, a string, and some clothespins. Secure one end of the string above the floor on a fixture, like a doorway or window frame, and tie the other end to a fixture across the room. Drape the sheet over the string, fastening it with clothespins. Stabilize the sides by securing them to the floor, tables, or chairs with heavy books. For added closure, affix another sheet to the front and back, adjusting openings with clothespins.

7. The cozy cavern

Effortlessly stylish, the cave fort offers a minimalistic and snug retreat, requiring only a sofa, a blanket, and a few heavy books. Personalize the fort’s ambiance to suit your cat’s preferences!
Commence construction by draping the blanket over the sofa’s back, securing it beneath the seat or with a book on top. Pull the blanket to form a 90-degree angle with the sofa back and anchor it to the floor with additional books. Customize the cave fort to your cat’s liking.

8. The cushion citadel

For a quick and fuss-free fort construction, focus on utilizing just one item: your sofa. Harness the potential of your sofa and its seat pillows to elevate and enclose a cozy haven for your cat. Ensure the pillows are both thick and robust, preventing any unintended collapses that might startle your feline friend.
To expand your fort’s dimensions using only pillows, gather additional ones from another sofa and layer them atop your existing pillow-supported sofa fort. While the suggested design serves as a helpful template, feel free to unleash your creativity and devise a unique sofa fort that suits your preferences.


We trust these diverse fort designs have sparked your inspiration, motivating you to embark on the joyous journey of building a personalized haven for your cat. Whether opting for effortlessly simple designs or embracing a bit more complexity, the key ingredients—blankets, pillows, chairs, or cardboard boxes—are likely already at your disposal. Delight in the process of fort construction, tailoring the design to your skills and the materials readily available in your home. Happy fort building!

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