How to choose a litter for the litter box? What options are available at Yobeek?

You can choose the best cat litter for your pet at the Yobeek pet store. Here, you will find all types of modern litters made from various materials by well-known manufacturers and brands.

litter for the litter box

Selecting the right litter for your cat’s litter box is an important aspect of caring for your furry friend, impacting hygiene and comfort in your home. Yobeek offers a wide range of litters, each with its own features:

  • Wooden Litter consists of pellets made from wood shavings. It is economical, eco-friendly, and safe. However, when it comes into contact with moisture, the pellets turn into fine dust that can stick to the cat’s paws and spread around the house.
  • Silica Gel Litter in the form of white crystals effectively absorbs moisture and neutralizes odors. It does not stick to the paws and prevents bacterial growth. Drawbacks include a higher price and a hissing sound when in contact with moisture, and it is not recommended for kittens.
  • Mineral Litter is made from various minerals and can effectively absorb liquid, forming clumps for easy disposal. It is economical and does not stick to the paws but can be dusty.
  • Corn Litter is made from corn and grain by-products. It is safe, eco-friendly, and free of additives. However, it can stick to the paws due to its light weight.
  • Clay Litter made from bentonite clay retains moisture well and is popular among animals because it resembles a natural environment. However, it needs to be changed twice a week and can become dusty with prolonged use.
  • Soy (Tofu) Litter made from soy fibers offers high absorbency and odor control. It is economical, does not stick to fur and paws, is dust-free, and safe if accidentally ingested.

At Yobeek, you will find all these types of litters, as well as products from leading manufacturers, to ensure maximum comfort for you and your pet.

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