Creating Friendly Relationships Between Cats in the House

When you decide to add another furry member to your family, it’s essential to ensure that the resident cat and the newcomer get along. Following proven methods developed by zoologists and cat enthusiasts will help you achieve this.

The chances of success increase if your cats’ personalities are compatible and they are willing to coexist peacefully. However, misunderstandings, fear, rivalry, or competition for space, toys, food, and owner attention can still arise. The owner can play a key role in fostering relationships between the cats by understanding their psychology, showing patience, and caring for both animals’ feelings.

Have Two Cats

What Steps Should Be Taken?

It is important to show the older cat that its status in the family remains unchanged. The new pet should be given time to adapt to the new environment while closely monitoring the behavior of both cats.
To ease the adaptation process, you can use the scent-mixing method with a dry cloth, rubbing it on the paws, faces, and other body parts of both cats. This can help reduce tension.
In case of conflict, it is recommended to trim their claws in advance to avoid serious injuries. If a fight occurs, it is important not to punish either cat, as this may only worsen the problem.

Personal Space and Individual Items

Each cat should have its own personal space for solitude, which it chooses on its own. Your task is to respect its choice and not disturb its peace. It is necessary to provide each pet with individual essential items: bedding, litter box, and bowl.

Equal Attention and Care

It is important to distribute attention and care equally between the cats to avoid jealousy and resentment from the first pet. Initially, it is recommended to interact with each cat separately, and as they get used to each other, you can introduce joint games.

Remember, we are responsible for those we tame. The decision to get a new pet should be well thought out. Living together with two cats will bring joy and fun if you approach this process with wisdom and love from the very beginning of their introduction.

What to Do if I Already Have Two Cats?

If you already have two cats, it is important to create conditions for their comfortable coexistence. Here are some tips that may help:

1. Provide Enough Space: Each cat should have its own personal space where it can relax and feel safe.
2. Individual Items: Ensure that each cat has its own food bowl, water bowl, litter box, and sleeping area.
3. Attention and Care: Distribute your attention and affection evenly between the cats to avoid jealousy.
4. Games and Entertainment: Spend time playing with the cats together and individually so they get used to each other’s presence.
5. Gradual Introduction: If the cats are not acquainted, allow them to gradually get used to each other, starting with short interactions under your supervision.
6. Positive Reinforcement: Use treats and praise to associate the cats’ meetings with something pleasant.
7. Avoid Punishments: Do not punish the cats for aggressive behavior towards each other, as this can exacerbate the situation.
8. Consult a Specialist: If serious issues arise in the relationship between the cats, it is recommended to consult a veterinarian or animal behaviorist.

Remember that cats are individuals with unique personalities, and it may take time for them to learn to get along with each other. Patience and understanding are key factors in this process.

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